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QuickBooks POS: Change license key without reinstalling

So, here is a nice little trick so you don’t have to uninstall and reinstall the entire QuickBooks Point of Sale in order to change the License Key Number. All you have to do is go to your Windows Control Panel and Repair the installation of QuickBooks POS. Here are instructions on how to do-so in the different […]

Don't Reinstall for License

Email Receipt

QuickBooks POS: Email a receipt or order from Point of Sale

You can e-mail Point of Sale documents to your vendors and customers. All documents are e-mailed using the same basic procedure. When e-mailing documents, Point of Sale automatically launches your default Windows e-mail client, creates the e-mail, and attaches the document in PDF format. You must have entered e-mail addresses for the customer and/or vendor being e-mailed […]

QuickBooks 2014 Features: Changes in Installation and Product Registration

Changes in Installation and Product Registration Many of us have an online “Intuit ID” account. It is used in different places, such as in the Intuit App Center where you can see the App Center applications that you subscribe to, and other Intuit services. This was discussed in my article on the Client Collaborator as […]


QuickBooks Guide – Entering Barter Transactions

A barter transaction is one in which you sell goods and services to the same person or company (Barteree) from whom buy other goods or services. Step-by-Step Instructions: The steps that you must do to enter barter transactions are to  set up the other person / company on your customer list and your vendor list […]

QuickBooks Guide – Toggling to another QuickBooks edition

Only the Premier Accountant and Enterprise Solutions Accountant have the Toggle feature.  This feature enables you to toggle between QuickBooks Accountant, General, Contractor, Bookkeeper, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Retail and Pro. Please note, in QuickBooks 2013 you can toggle to the Bookkeeper edition, also Enterprise Accountant does not have a Pro edition so it […]



QuickBooks Guide – Changing the customer contact email address used for QB Billing Solutions

Change the customer contact email address used for QuickBooks Billing Solutions Change the email address that invoices are sent from when using QuickBooks Billing Solutions  Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. Select the Customers drop-down menu from the top of QuickBooks for Windows. 2. Choose Billing Solutions, then Set Options Online. 3. Click Change customer contact e-mail address from […]

QuickBooks Guide – Customizing the Customer Center

Customize the Customer Center The Customer Center is the location of the detailed information for your customers and the respective jobs that you perform for each customer. You can add or remove various columns in Customer Center to suit your business needs. There are two areas where you can perform this task. The first is in the Customers and Jobs list, […]



QuickBooks Guide – Entering overtime payroll items on the employee record

Enter overtime payroll items on the employee record If an employee has more than one overtime rate Create a separate Overtime Pay payroll item for each type of overtime. For example, if any of your employees earn both time-and-a-half and double-time, create separate payroll items for both so that you can assign the appropriate multiplier […]

QuickBooks Guide – Deleting Memorized Reports in QuickBooks Mac 2

Delete Memorized Reports in QuickBooks Mac This process can be used to remove unwanted Memorized reports from the program, or in preparation to Convert QuickBooks Mac file to QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks Online.  Step-by-Step Instructions: In QuickBooks Pro for Mac: 1. Click on Reports > Report Center. 2. Click on the triangle next to […]

macbook delete


QuickBooks Guide – Turning on Payments in QuickBooks

Turn on Payments in QuickBooks 2013 This article provides the steps on how to turn on your Payments feature in QuickBooks 2013. QuickBooks Setup This will allow your customers to pay your invoices online and also provides access to other payment features, including: Credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) Electronic deposits to your bank account […]