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Intuit Field Service Management: Adding a Discount or Credit to an Invoice – QB Services, LLC

Apply a Percentage Discount to the Invoice Total From the Invoice Detail screen, select Add to create a line item. Once all line items have been entered, check the Discount box in the Invoice header. Click on the Discount drop down and select Percent to take a percentage discount on the total invoice amount. Enter […]



Intuit Field Service Management: Work Order Icons and Statuses – QB services, LLC

Work Order Icons and Statuses Icons communicate the status of each Work Order. An icon changes each time someone takes an action related to that Work Order. A red icon means that the Work Order needs special attention. Icon Status Meaning   Unassigned The Work Order has not yet been assigned to a Tech. Red: Either […]

Intuit Field Service Management: How to Assign a Work Order – QB Services

Assigning a Work Order to a Tech   You can assign a Work Order to a Tech from several different places. While Creating a Work Order   On the Assignment page: (Optional) Check the Filter by Skill box  to see only those Techs who match the Skill required for this Work Order.     Select […]



Intuit Field Service Management- Creating a work order: QB services

Creating a Work Order You can create a Work Order from a number of different places in the web application, as well as from a mobile device.   To Create a New Work Order: Click the New Work Order button. Let the four-page wizard guide you through the process. Step 1. Specify the Customer   Tip: If you […]

Managing your Field Service Team – QB Services, LLC

Managing your Field Team Through Accurate Financial Information Recently, a client came to us to wanting to expand their business. A growing HVAC services company with multiple technicians, who’s payments were being done by invoice only. They needed a system that could help manage their crews and allow them to accept immediate payment via credit […]