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Connect eCommerce to QuickBooks Online – eCC Cloud Helps Merchants Scale

It’s official — Webgility has released a new version of eCC Cloud! Effective on June 1, updates to eCC Cloud make the software a more powerful tool by giving merchants more relevant information and providing better business insights for optimizing operations and increasing revenue, while at the same time making it easier to use. What is […]

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Caveman Inventory

QuickBooks Enhanced Inventory Receiving(EIR)

QuickBooks Enhanced Inventory Receiving(EIR) changes the way you receive inventory from vendors, and how you pay for that inventory. Once you turn EIR on, there isn’t a way to turn it off again, so in order to make sure it’s the right move for your company, here are some helpful tips and questions about it! […]

QuickBooks Inventory Counting | Improve Operations 2

QuickBooks Inventory Counting Does your business manage an inventory? In this article, we will explain how you can improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce theft with one simple action: counting. How often do you count the money in your wallet or purse? How often do you go through your refrigerator and pantry before you […]


Keeping tabs on your inventory

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Inventory Item Identifiers

The term item identifiers refers to the Item #, Universal Product Code (UPC), and Alternate Lookup values for items in inventory. Item identifiers are used for looking up and listing items on documents, and for other program functions as described below. Item Numbers Every item (except special order items) has an Item # associated with […]

Nine Things You Should NOT do with QuickBooks Inventory

It has amazed me over the years how “creative” clients can get using QuickBooks inventory. Be it for urgency, ignorance, or out of frustration, clients will take shortcuts or unknowingly perform an action that ultimately undermines what they’re trying to accomplish. To help users avoid such problems, in this article, I’ll explain nine things you […]

Great Inventory Practices

Inventory Item Types

QuickBooks Help: Which Item Type Should I Use?

When creating your item list one of the most confusing things can be which item type to choose.  Here is a breakdown of each type that will help you decide.  If after reading this you still need help, feel free to give us a call! When creating your item list one of the most confusing […]

POS: Difference Between PO’s and Receiving Vouchers

It’s not uncommon for me to run into situations during POS training where people are confused between the terminology of PO’s and Receiving Vouchers.  I thought this would be a good place to give out some pointers for those of you who are in the same boat. In the world of QuickBooks, Purchase Orders are […]

Error Code

Fixing QuickBooks Installation Errors

Fixing QuickBooks Installation Intuit releases updates to supported versions of QuickBooks quite often, and this is the time of year when we seem to see a lot of updates. That means it is a good time to talk about fixing QuickBooks installation errors. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing “The update installer has encountered […]

Import Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers, Warehouse and Bin Numbers Into Advanced Inventory

Recently I have had a client who was trying to move from Intuit Warehouse Management to Advanced Inventory.  The problem was, there wasn’t any way to move over the serial numbers.  So I have written a program that does it for you automatically.  We can also include the bin numbers that you have those items […]

Import Data from Excel


QuickBooks Negative Inventory is BAD

You can use the inventory feature in QuickBooks to keep track of the “quantity on hand” (QOH) of inventory parts and assemblies, but this can add a dimension of complexity that can create problems for a small business. One of these problems has to do with allowing negative quantities to occur. Let’s talk about why […]