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EMV is here: Top Tips to Save Money when Considering a New Credit Card Processor.

    During your quest to become EMV capable is a great time to take a look at your companies merchant account fees and look for a solution that will save you money! Here are the top tips to save money: 1. Make sure your rep is reputable. As someone deeply entrenched in this industry, I […]



Top reasons to get QuickBooks Payments – Intuit QuickBooks

Here at QB Services, we know that there are constant challenges to face when you’re running your own business. Back office tasks like getting paid, managing your cash flow, accounting, and reconciliation can feel overwhelming at times. We’re here to help, with ways to get you paid faster and save you time with easy payment […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: What To Expect From a Merchant Services Package

The ability to accept credit and debit cards has become vital for all businesses- offering flexibility, increased sales, and a trusted reputation. Understanding how to select merchant services can impact your sales revenue and profit. When shopping around for the credit card processor that best suits your needs, it’s important to understand what a merchant […]

Save Money on Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Receipt

How to Print Receipts From GoPayment

One of the most innovative features of Intuit GoPayment’s mobile-payment system is its ability to issue digital receipts. After a customer’s credit card transaction has been approved and processed, the small-business owner may ask the customer for an email address and send the receipt electronically. This provides an simple way for shoppers and merchants to […]

ATTENTION: Intuit Merchant Solutions Experiencing Difficulty (06/19)

We have been receiving a number of calls today about errors in QuickBooks POS with processing Credit Card Transactions. After checking with Intuit Merchant Solutions, we found that they are having issues with their credit card gateway today. Intuit is working diligently on the problem and will have the Merchant Service up as soon as possible! […]