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QuickBooks Point of Sale: Configure Multi-Store Headquarters

Headquarters Configuration The exchange of information between your stores is referred to as Store Exchange in QuickBooks Point of Sale. These instructions are for configuring Store Exchange from the Store Exchange Center, accessed from the Stores menu. If you haven’t already, install QuickBooks Point of Sale on the Server Workstation, following the instructions for a […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Multi-Store Overview

The Way Things Work QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store can be configured to manage up to ten stores, each with one to ten workstations running the software. Multi-Store includes features like centralized purchasing and inventory control, inter-store transfers, exchange of information between stores, company-wide reporting, and the ability at any store to view the on-hand quantity of […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Customize Your Reports Dashboard And Experience Growth!

How would you like to utilize your reports dashboard to effectively map out the progression of your business? Your dashboard is more than simply for adding and removing reports or changing the layout. Allow it to become a powerful tool for your business to stir a desire for growth as well as watch and monitor your […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique

Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique When attempting to send a mailbag from Headquarters to a remote store, or attempting to receive a mailbag at the remote store, you see the following error: Error – 193 Primary key for dept keywords is not unique. Why this is […]

Application update required, when opening Point of Sale

Application update required error shows when opening POS. After clicking Next, the screen freezes and your company file does not open. Error: Application Update Required, Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage. How to fix it Solution 1: Ensure all Point of Sale updates are installed Click Exit on update screen. Choose Help and select Check for Software Updates. Allow Point […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale is requiring administrative privileges.

I try to log in and Point of Sale tells me that I need administrative privileges: Point of sale requiring administrative privileges has cropped up recently, here is an approach to help clear it up. The problem is that the user qbposdbsrv doesn’t have enough rights to launch the QBPOS database server. Without the database service running, […]

QuickBooks: Don’t Buy Pirated Software!

The Dangers of Purchasing Pirated Software   Due to a recent interaction with a business owner in California, I find it important to write about the dangers of purchasing a pirated copy of QuickBooks software. That means you are purchasing software from a secondary source that is not an authorized Intuit Reseller or from Intuit directly, […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 – R4 changes, improvements, and fixes

The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 in release R4. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases. Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of Point of Sale — Point of Sale Basic, Point of Sale Pro and Point of Sale Multi-Store. […]

Point of Sale Multi-store: store exchange issues

  Troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues If you are unable to receive mailbags during a store exchange or are receiving a message “No files waiting to be processed” even though there are pending mailbags, follow the steps below. Steps to follow when troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues: Check the Multi-Store Company Preferences section to ensure that […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store: Working with Customers

Multi-Store: Working with Customers Pro – Multiple Stores Customers can be added, edited, or deleted at any store, with the resulting changes propagated to all stores with the next fully completed Store Exchange cycle. Headquarters maintains the master customer list, which is sent to all stores in its entirety during every Store Exchange. General guidelines […]