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Sync Manager Discontinuation for Recurring Payments Merchants on current versions of QuickBooks

What is happening? Each current supported version of QuickBooks Desktop will continue working with Sync Manager until it receives a software update that will allow it to work independently of Sync Manager. No action is required until the software update is available. Once the software update is available, you must install it to continue using […]

QuickBooks 2016 R5 Released

Intuit released the QuickBooks 2016 R5 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I’m not sure when it will go out as an automatic update. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet. You may want to wait a week to see […]

Fixing QuickBooks Gmail Problems

When you are working with QuickBooks desktop products you usually have several options for email integration: Web Mail, Outlook and QuickBooks E-mail. If you are using Google Gmail, you want to select the Web Mail option, but some people can’t get it to work with Gmail. Here’s a way to resolve that problem for most […]

QuickBooks 2016 and QBES 16.0 System Requirements

Detailed information QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2016 and Enterprise 16.0 Operating systems supported: Windows 8.1, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed Windows 7, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed Windows Vista (SP2 or later), all editions including 64-bit, natively installed  Windows Server 2012, Windows Small Business Server 2011, Small Business Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows […]

QuickBooks 2016 (4 of 4) – What to Expect

QuickBooks Statement Writer and Microsoft Office Out of the box, prior versions of QuickBooks had difficulty in getting QuickBooks Statement Writer to run with Microsoft Office 2013. In the QuickBooks Statement Writer setup windows you would see a statement that says that it requires Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, with no mention of Office 2013. […]

QuickBooks 2016 (3 of 4) – What to Expect

Label Printer Support QuickBooks 2016 has added support for one-up continuous feed labels. Prior to this it only supported “Continuous (Perforated Edge)” and “Page-oriented (Single sheets)” printers. How is this different? Both the Page-oriented and Continuous printers will print multiple labels on a single page, either on single pages (like a laser printer) or old […]

QuickBooks 2016 (2 of 4) – What to Expect

Auto Copy Ship-To Addresses When you create a sales order or estimate in QuickBooks you can specify a ship-to address. You have the ability to create a number of alternate ship-to addresses for each customer, which you can pick from a dropdown list in the sales transaction. However, if you pick one of these alternate […]

QuickBooks 2016 (1 of 4) – What to Expect

QuickBooks 2016! This release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to existing ones. I’ll list the major changes that I’m aware of in this article. Keep your eyes open for the next few weeks for a series of articles that go into the details of these new and improved features. This is the […]

QuickBooks 2016: Exciting New Features

QuickBooks 2016 has a strong emphasis on improved reports, easier bill tracking and faster deletion of transactions. Furthermore, there are a number of more fresh flourishes available with this version that will enhance the overall accounts handling for CPAs and SMBs. Let’s see what is new in QuickBooks 2016. 1. Better Bill Tracking This is […]