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QuickBooks: Reset Data Sync

If you sync your company file from one computer and then move it to another computer, you need to reset data sync. For example, if: You bought a new computer and want to set up your synced company file on it. Your hard disk crashed and you want to use your backup company file to […]

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Repairing corrupted data files in QuickBooks 1

If ¬†you expect that your data file may be corrupt, the best first choice is to contact QB Services who will perform a data analysis on your company file. ¬†However, if you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, than you can try the following steps: Resort all of your sortable QuickBooks lists. Run the Rebuild Data File utility. […]

Automatic QuickBooks backups, Nothing More Important! 1

I cannot tell you how important backups are. Yes, there are many important things in the world of accounting and QuickBooks, but backing up your company file is the end-all and be-all of importance. Just think about all the time and effort (or the money you pay your accountant for their time) that you put […]

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