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QuickBooks Online Document Center Closed

Did you get that email? Intuit told us that the QuickBooks Online Accountant Document Center will be discontinued. This surprised me, so I did some research to find out what was going on. Here is what was found. What Is The QuickBooks Online Accountant Document Center? “Document Management” is an important feature in an accounting system, something that […]

QuickBooks Online February 2016 Update Part 2

In addition to the inventory updates that I wrote about in my prior article, Intuit has released a number of other changes in QuickBooks Online this month. Let’s take a look at what else is new. Converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Intuit has been working on improving this process over the past year or […]

QuickBooks Online Inventory February Update

  Intuit has updated QuickBooks Online this month, and there are some significant changes to the inventory tracking feature. Let’s take a look at what is new in the QuickBooks Online inventory February update. Note that Intuit releases new features to users incrementally. That is, first it is rolled out to a small number of […]