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QuickBooks Inventory Counting | Improve Operations 2

QuickBooks Inventory Counting Does your business manage an inventory? In this article, we will explain how you can improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce theft with one simple action: counting. How often do you count the money in your wallet or purse? How often do you go through your refrigerator and pantry before you […]


QuickBooks POS Item History

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Item History and Statistics

Item history provides a listing of every transactional document that has affected an item and a running tally of changes in on-hand quantity. You can click any listed document to view it. Item Statistics include an item summary, including cost and profit information and total quantities in/out. Item History (Multi-Store) Item history can be viewed […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Inventory Item Identifiers

The term item identifiers refers to the Item #, Universal Product Code (UPC), and Alternate Lookup values for items in inventory. Item identifiers are used for looking up and listing items on documents, and for other program functions as described below. Item Numbers Every item (except special order items) has an Item # associated with […]

Keeping tabs on your inventory