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QuickBooks POS iPad: Creating Combos

Dynamic combos allow a combination of items from different kinds of products to be rung up for a set price. You may be more familiar with the terminology “Group Product” from the Windows version of QuickBooks Point of Sale For example, combo #2 allows for one kind sandwich, one kind side, and one kind drink. […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: Adding a Product by Scanner

To be able to add an item by a scanner, go to the Management Console settings. Under Settings > Retail Service Settings > check “Create an item on unmatched barcode.” The following window will pop up when a product is scanned that is not in the system. In order for the item to be saved, […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: Upload your Products using Excel

Clients are able to add their products manually on the QuickBooks iPad POS backend by navigating to the Products tab on their management console and following the steps outlined in the Products article. However, some businesses with larger product offerings (usually more than 500 products) may find the manual upload cumbersome and time-consuming. For those […]

QuickBooks POS iPad Powered by Revel Systems User Manuals

Use the following manuals to guide your way through using QuickBooks Point of Sale on the iPad: QuickBooks POS iPad Retail User Guide QuickBooks POS iPad Quick Serv (QSR) User Guide QSR Hardware Install Guide QuickBooks POS iPad Table Service (TSR) User Guide QuickBooks POS iPad Kitchen Display (KDS) User Guide Ask a Question Customer […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: Item Manage Mode

In version 1524+ the new item manage mode has been improved to include many new features directly on the iPad. It incorporates the “Manage Inventory.” Such features include, category, subcategory, product creation, 86 feature, inventory, and ability to re-arrange the menu.   Entering Item Manage Mode Log into the QuickBooks POS iPad app on the iPad […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: Setting up Employees

Every business has employees that fill several different roles. They can range from part-time to full-time, hourly versus salaried, front of house versus back of house, etc. To accommodate the variety in personnel, Revel Systems is able to discern between the various roles and assign specific wages to individual employees.     Adding an Employee […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: Building the Product Menu

The Menu Creating Categories/Sub-Categories Additional Category/Sub-Category Options Creating a Product Additional Product Options Product Details   Products are the mainstay of any business, and therefore will require the most attention when building out the QuickBooks POS system. In parlance, clients may encounter different terms for a business’s supply of products, including menu, product menu, product […]

QuickBooks POS iPad: End of Day Procedure

These steps are to be taken at the end of the workday right before closing.   Clear Held Orders On the order screen, touch the Orders button If users want to close all held orders, select Close Held Orders (this will close all blank tickets, as well as void any open items on open checks […]