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QuickBooks Point of Sale: Customize Your Reports Dashboard And Experience Growth!

How would you like to utilize your reports dashboard to effectively map out the progression of your business? Your dashboard is more than simply for adding and removing reports or changing the layout. Allow it to become a powerful tool for your business to stir a desire for growth as well as watch and monitor your […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique

Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique When attempting to send a mailbag from Headquarters to a remote store, or attempting to receive a mailbag at the remote store, you see the following error: Error – 193 Primary key for dept keywords is not unique. Why this is […]

Application update required, when opening Point of Sale

Application update required error shows when opening POS. After clicking Next, the screen freezes and your company file does not open. Error: Application Update Required, Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage. How to fix it Solution 1: Ensure all Point of Sale updates are installed Click Exit on update screen. Choose Help and select Check for Software Updates. Allow Point […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: An Invalid Password message is returned but there’s no login screen

Although there is no opportunity to enter a user name or password, when opening Point of Sale, one of the following messages is returned: Invalid Password Invalid username or password How to fix it Intuit recommends the following 2 solutions for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Transactions Missing in QuickBooks

Possible Causes After the financial exchange, a backup was restored in QuickBooks. Transactions were deleted manually in QuickBooks. You are in a different QuickBooks file than the one that has the transactions. How to fix it Choose the solution that best matches your situation: An older backup was restored in QuickBooks and many POS transactions […]


QuickBooks POS Inventory Adjustment Account and your QuickBooks Financials   One of the most important issues for a retailer is tracking and properly accounting for inventory. In this article will outline what happens when QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is not properly used, and some of the issues that this causes in QuickBooks Financial (Pro, Premier […]