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QuickBooks Point of Sale: Configure Multi-Store Headquarters

Headquarters Configuration The exchange of information between your stores is referred to as Store Exchange in QuickBooks Point of Sale. These instructions are for configuring Store Exchange from the Store Exchange Center, accessed from the Stores menu. If you haven’t already, install QuickBooks Point of Sale on the Server Workstation, following the instructions for a […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Multi-Store Overview

The Way Things Work QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store can be configured to manage up to ten stores, each with one to ten workstations running the software. Multi-Store includes features like centralized purchasing and inventory control, inter-store transfers, exchange of information between stores, company-wide reporting, and the ability at any store to view the on-hand quantity of […]

Point of Sale Multi-store: store exchange issues

  Troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues If you are unable to receive mailbags during a store exchange or are receiving a message “No files waiting to be processed” even though there are pending mailbags, follow the steps below. Steps to follow when troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues: Check the Multi-Store Company Preferences section to ensure that […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store: Working with Customers

Multi-Store: Working with Customers Pro – Multiple Stores Customers can be added, edited, or deleted at any store, with the resulting changes propagated to all stores with the next fully completed Store Exchange cycle. Headquarters maintains the master customer list, which is sent to all stores in its entirety during every Store Exchange. General guidelines […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Multi-Store Reports and Class Tracking in QuickBooks Financial

 Multi-Store Reports  Pro – Multiple Stores  Assuming you use Store Exchanges to share information between stores, Headquarters can run reports for any one store, a selected group of stores, or all stores, while remote stores can only run reports for the activities  at their own store. When running reports at Headquarters, use the Modify † […]