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QuickBooks Point of Sale GoPayment Sync Overview

Mobile Sync QBPOS team at Intuit talk the future of QBPOS and mobile functionality. With the 2013 version, Intuit has certainly delivered. In essence, you can now synchronize the items in your QBPOS item list with devices capable of running the Intuit GoPayment credit card solution. Then, process sales on the mobile device and have […]

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QuickBooks POS: Customer Rewards Overview

What parts of a transaction qualify for Customer Rewards? Inventory, Service, Non-inventory, Group, Assembly Earns Rewards: Yes Redemption: Yes Sales Tax Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Shipping Charges Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate purchase Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate redemption Earns Rewards: No Impact Redemption: No Impact Charges to customer account Earns Rewards: No impact Redemption: No impact Payments on customer account Earns […]

Barcoding for QuickBooks: SmartScan Order Verification – QB Services : QuickBooks

Barcoding for QuickBooks: SmartScan Order Verification We’ve been talking about QuickBooks barcode support a lot lately. If you have an inventory-centric business, barcodes can really help improve your efficiency and accuracy of data entry. This has been an area that we’ve received a lot of questions about ever since Intuit introduced barcode support in QuickBooks […]

QuickBooks Barcoding Solution


QuickBooks 2014 Features: Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges

Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges Here’s an interesting change that is available only in Enterprise – the ability to do a small degree of customization to the on-screen transaction form for checks, bills and credit card charges. It is a nice addition for some situations (mainly job costing). These three transaction forms have, […]

QuickBooks POS Gift Card Error

When attempting to process gift card payments or purchases, you get the message, “An error occurred when communicating with the processing gateway”. This is happening frequently this weekend and Intuit is hoping to have it fixed by Monday, Sept 23rd.  Keep coming to our website for updates. Tired of your merchant problems, give us a […]

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Error initializing QBPOS application log

In QuickBooks POS v 2013, there is an error that reads: “Error initializing QBPOS application log. If this happens…please contact Technical Support” How it can be fixed is: Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys and select Start Task Manager. Click the Processes tab, select QBPOSShell.exe and then click End Process. Right-click the Start button and then choose Open Windows Explorer. Click Organize and then choose Folder and […]

QuickBooks Fix- My Invoice Prompts A Sales Tax Code–But Sales Tax Is Off? 1

This is a problem that users sometimes get when trying to create an invoice in QuickBooks. After attempting to save the invoice the message appears: “You must assign a Sales Tax Code to this line item…”. Unfortunately QuickBooks won’t allow you to save the invoice until you do so. Furthermore, sales tax isn’t even enabled […]

Open Window List

QuickBooks Guide- Using the Open Window List

QuickBooks has a huge number of options and features, so many that it is hard for anyone to know all of the ways that it can be used. One feature that is very easy to use an extremely helpful is the Open Window List. It always surprises me that there are so many people who don’t […]

QuickBooks Guide – Toggled Edition and Nothing Happens

When clicking the Toggle button in QuickBooks, nothing happens. The root cause is currently being investigated by Intuit. In the meantime, here are instructions to solve it temporarily Step-by-Step Instructions: In QuickBooks 2009 and Newer: Close all other editions of Quickbooks. In the QuickBooks 2009, go to Edit. Click Preferences. 4.Go to Desktop View.   […]

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QuickBooks Guide – Entering overtime payroll items on the employee record

Enter overtime payroll items on the employee record If an employee has more than one overtime rate Create a separate Overtime Pay payroll item for each type of overtime. For example, if any of your employees earn both time-and-a-half and double-time, create separate payroll items for both so that you can assign the appropriate multiplier […]