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Bookkeeping tips for QuickBooks Point of Sales

Often times I receive calls from bookkeepers who are wondering why their QuickBooks financial accounts are all “messed up” because it is linking to QuickBooks POS. First thing I do is say, can I log onto your computer and see how you currently track your financials? Then, I go through the process of pointing out […]

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Inventory Management

Prepare QuickBooks to work with QuickBooks Point of Sale

Before you can integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks, you must install both programs and set up your QuickBooks company file to support the exchange of information. When setting up your company file in QuickBooks: Turn on inventory tracking features in QuickBooks so that you can integrate with Point of Sale. Only the QuickBooks […]

Barcoding for QuickBooks: SmartScan Order Verification – QB Services : QuickBooks

Barcoding for QuickBooks: SmartScan Order Verification We’ve been talking about QuickBooks barcode support a lot lately. If you have an inventory-centric business, barcodes can really help improve your efficiency and accuracy of data entry. This has been an area that we’ve received a lot of questions about ever since Intuit introduced barcode support in QuickBooks […]

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Tax Burden

Tracking “Use” Tax on Purchases in QuickBooks – QB Services : How to Track Use Tax?

Tracking Use Tax on Purchases in QuickBooks We were recently asked about how to track Use Tax on purchases in QuickBooks. In states that charge sales tax, purchasers within those states often avoid paying tax by purchasing items from out-of-state suppliers. However, they are required to report those purchases to the state in which they “use” […]

QuickBooks: Entering vendor prepayments or deposits for prepaid parts or services

When you order a part or a service from a Vendor, the Vendor may require you prepay a portion of the price before delivery. You can enter the prepayments, or deposits, in two ways: Write a Check to the Vendor and record the check to your Accounts Payable (A/P) account, decreasing the balance until you are […]

Take a Prepayment

Make a Deposit

QuickBooks: Deposit unexpected refund, rebate, reimbursement or reward check from vendor 6

This article describes how to track and deposit income from a vendor that is not associated with an existing bill. Examples include rebates, reward incentives, refunds, reimbursements or checks issued by a vendor to cash out an existing credit. These types of items must be deposited in a way that does not leave an undated […]

How to Prevent Negative Inventory: Because it is BAD – QuickBooks

You can use the inventory feature in QuickBooks to keep track of the “quantity on hand” (QOH) of inventory parts and assemblies, but this can add a dimension of complexity that can create problems for a small business. One of these problems has to do with allowing negative quantities to occur. Let’s talk about why […]

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QuickBooks 2014 Features: Error Message Changes

Error Messaging Changes We don’t always know about all of the changes that Intuit implements in a new release. I like to get down to the picky details, Intuit only gives us the “big picture” items. Here’s a change in 2014 (which is also implemented in the recent 2013 R9 release). If you have a […]

QuickBooks 2014 Features: Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges

Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges Here’s an interesting change that is available only in Enterprise – the ability to do a small degree of customization to the on-screen transaction form for checks, bills and credit card charges. It is a nice addition for some situations (mainly job costing). These three transaction forms have, […]


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QuickBooks Support – Set up Workers Compensation

Important: You must set up the Workers Compensation feature using the Workers Compensation Setup Wizard before you begin paying employees, or your reports might be incorrect or incomplete. Step-By-Step Instructions: 1. Go to the Employees menu, mouse over Workers Compensation, and then select the Set up Workers’ Comp Payment Service option. 2. Complete the wizard […]