Take Payments from your Cell Phone, Go Payments is here!

That’s right! I can receive anyone’s credit card by simply swiping the card on my handy swiper that is on my belt and print out a receipt right there. I just pull out my handy-dandy Android phone and do it through my portable QuickBooks POS App. All of the transaction data automaticall gets transferred to my POS and QuickBooks applications on my computer. The other day, I listened to a customer who was concerned because their store gets busy and then customers have to wait in line. Do you have this issue? So I told her, “You have an iPad? You can just use that as an extra checkout to alleviate the lines!” You are probably wondering, “How much is the swiper going to cost?” Boy was she surprised when I told her that it was included in her new POS upgrade to 2013. So, how much is service?

Save big with pricing that fits your size Pay-as-you-Go
Only pay per transaction.
Pay Monthly & Save
Pay a low monthly fee and save more on each transaction.
Monthly Service FREE $12.95/month
Swipe Rate1 2.7% 1.7%
Keyed Rate2 3.7% 2.7%
Transaction Fee3 $0 $0
Intuit Credit Card Reader FREE FREE
Monthly Minimum None None
Setup Fee None None


The monthly fee is $12.95, but if you are in any kind of service industry (pizza delivery, plumbing, electrical, etc…) then the lower swiped rate fees are a big bonus! Instead of paying an average of 2.7% you could pay only 1.64%* (*based on your approval rating, yada, yada, yada).  As long as your phone is web-enabled and compatible, you should be ready to go! So, you’re asking yourself, “Is my phone/tablet compatible?” Go right here and check the compatible device list.

Just give us a call at (952) 232-6388 for that more personal response.

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