The QuickBooks Doctor

Okay, so the new “QuickBooks File Doctor” has been released. This is normally good news, however, it might take a little more work than it used to for your specialist (that’s us) to diagnose and repair problem connections.  Here is some information that may provide some help as the “QuickBooks File Doctor” will reference this chart when you are looking for an answer to your connectivity issues:

Result Description Resolution
Hosting Mode is Off. Accessing QuickBooks files over a network requires QuickBooks Hosting turned on. Turn on Hosting.
Folder containing company file is not writable. Check for read/write access to the folder the company file is in. Configure access permissions in Windows for your Windows user and QuickBooks.
Folder containing company file is not shared. The folder containing the company file must be shared to other users. Share the folder in Windows.
No network connectivity At least one working TCP/IP adapter and that the hostname of the local machine is resolvable.
  • Run IPConfig from a command line and ensure that you have an IP address for at least one network adapter. Check that you are able to run your web browser and open up any internet/intranet web page.
  • If you have more than one adapter, only one needs to have an IP address.
Network problem: IP reverse lookup has failed. Check if Windows can produce an IP address from a hostname and reverse the process.
  • Check to see if your firewall is blocking DNS requests.
  • Check to see if your DNS service is setup correctly.
  • Check to see if there are any duplicate IP addresses on your network.
QBCFMonitorService not running. Determine if the QuickBooks PortFinder service in Windows is responsive.
QBDBMgrN not running. Check if the Sybase Database Service is reachable and responsive.
Note: The Sybase Database service works directly with QuickBooks.
[Firewall software] is Active may be blocking QuickBooks Check if firewall sofware is enabled. If so, check if it’s configured to work with QuickBooks. If any third-party firewall is detected, then it is listed here. Configure firewall exceptions for QuickBooks.


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