How to take tips in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Collect Tips on Sales: Your customer can add a tip to the total amount.


Turn on Tips to show the Add Tip button on the Signature page.


Go to File menu>Preferences>Company>Sales>Receipt Tendering> put check mark in box next to “Collect customers tips on credit, account, and gift card transactions”> click Save (receiving tips and paying tips to employees works most effectively with users active in Point of Sale).


turn on tips


How to receive tips on sales

Click your Make a Sale buttonmake a sale button


Ring up itemsring up sales


Choose payment type (credit,debit,check,account [cash does not apply. In cash instances, you simply deduct the tip])payments


Once you select payment type>confirmation window will appear>Select Collect Tipcollect tip

Enter in tip amount>select cashier/associate to receive tip>Click Continuetip amount

Click Save and Print

save and print









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