Web Connector Nag Screen

Don’t like the “Web Connector” nag screen coming up every time you log into or turn on your PC? As long as nothing is using it, simply remove it from your Windows “Startup” folder.“How do I know if something is using it?”, you ask.  Well, open it and if it says, “No application currently registered with QuickBooks Web Connector.” then you may assume that it is okay to remove.


If you ever do need to use it, you can simply create another shortcut and put it back. Here’s how:


1)  From the “Start” Menu, click on “All Programs”
2)  Scroll down to the “Startup” folder and click on it
3)  Right-Click on “QuickBooks Web Connector” and left click on the
“Delete” button in the expanded menu.


To put back (if you need to have it for a program that interfaces with QuickBooks via the web):

1)  Open Windows Explorer.
2)  Go to the following path:
“C:Program FilesCommon FilesIntuitQuickBooksQBWebConnector”
3)  Right-click on the “QBWebConnector.exe” file and select “Send To” and then select “Desktop (create shortcut)”.
4)  Close Windows Explorer.
5)  Right-click and where it say’s “Target” go to the end of that path and after the last quote mark add a, “-keephidden”.
6)  Where it says, “Start In”, select the text there and delete it.  There doesn’t need to be anything in that box.
7)  The “Shortcut box” should say, “none”.
8)  Click, “OK” on the property dialog box.  (This saves it like, “Apply” and then “OK” does.)
9)  Drag the shortcut file from the desktop to the Startup folder found in the “Start/All Programs/Startup” directory.

That should replace the deleted web connector icon.  Questions?  Call QB Services, LLC and we will do our best to answer them.

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