Where do I put my Merchant Services Account into QuickBooks POS?

Contrary to the instructions in QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013Help, there is no longer a Merchant & Gift Services tab inPreferences (File > Preferences > Company).

Instead of entering and validating your 16 digit QuickBooks POS merchant account number in preferences, you now sign into your Intuit Payments Account on the Payments tab in the Setup Interview. Not very Intuitive, if you ask me, but I actually really love QuickBooks POS 2013 so I’m inclined to give something this minor a pass.

Luckily, there are many ways to get to the Setup Interview – it’s listed on theHome page under Preferences, it’s listed under the I Want To… button, and it’s listed in the File menu.

Strangely, it’s not in the Merchant Center on the Home page which actually would be intuitive.

We’ve hearing reports from a few clients that they’ve had difficulty logging into their new Intuit Payments Account. If this happens to you, make sure that you clicked the big blue button asking you to confirm our Intuit ID in the approval email Intuit sent you. If you did and your password is still being rejected, select Forgot Password to reset it. You can use the same password you used when you confirmed your Intuit ID.

If you’re a QuickBooks Point of Sale user and haven’t signed up for a POS merchant account yet, now’s the time. Call us at  (952) 232-6388 to get started!

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